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Some of the TV, Podcasts and You Tube interviews and tours featuring Stephanie.

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Gardeners’ World Winter Special Episode 4


Monty Don on Stephanie’s work: “Well that’s inspiring. I think everybody, even if we’ve grown vegetables all our lives, can learn something from that.”


Stephanie features on the fourth episode of the Winter Special series with a “masterclass on how to grow a wide range of vegetables through all the winter months.”

Stephanie’s feature is around 11 minutes into the programme.

The programme is on iPlayer for a year: watch the programme here.

And for people who do not live in the UK and can not access the BBC, you can see the programme on You Tube here.


Stephanie Hafferty and No Dig Gardening on ITV regional news programmes across the UK

Nick Smith from ITV filmed here in my garden for a feature about the benefits of no dig gardening and why so many people are adopting this method of growing. I am delighted that they also mentioned that I run gardening courses here.

Regionally, local community no dig allotments and projects were also featured – all helping to spread the word.

The feature is approx 22:50 minutes in to the programme. It’s available on catch-up here and also in this clip:

How to get the best from your veg garden with no-dig gardening guru @stephaniehafferty

Podcast with Shannon Keary, who writes about growing your own as “Diary of a Lady Gardener” – December 2022.

Listen to the podcast here.

In this episode I got the pleasure of chatting with no-dig gardening guru and award-winning author Stephanie Hafferty who is another guest I had the pleasure of meeting, and watched speaking, at Hampton Court Palace earlier this year where I heard the ‘bonking ladybird’ story, one which never fails to make me laugh but is a fantastic lesson in the garden. Stephanie is such an inspiration, showing people how to keep growing all year round whilst making the most wonderful habitats for wildlife in the meantime. Having not long moved to a new homestead in Wales, I loved hearing about her progress so far, and about all of the exciting things coming soon.

How to start a new plot with Stephanie Hafferty

Join the team from Kitchen Garden Magazine as they chat to no dig expert and KG regular Stephanie Hafferty about starting a new plot from scratch. Steph’s down-to-earth advice and relaxed approach is sure to inspire even the most nervous newcomer to get out into the garden and give growing your own a try.






Peat Free gardening on The Climate Show on Sky News

I was invited to talk about how I grow a wide range of food and other plants peat free on The Climate Show with Tom Heap, and why growing peat free is so important  – about 11 minutes into the programme.




Morag Gamble – No Dig Homestead with Stephanie Hafferty

Join Morag Gamble for a wonderfully informative wander through Stephanie Hafferty’s amazing new edible garden in Wales, featuring permaculture ideas, no-dig garden beds, a food forest, pond, poly-tunnel, and much more.



No Dig Special – No Dig Gardening with Stephanie Hafferty

Sunflower Allotment Podcast interviewed Stephanie for a two part podcast.

In this special episode we discuss with Stephanie exactly what No Dig is, the history of No Dig, the method behind a No Dig vegetable patch, the benefits to the soil and the environmental benefits. 

This is a both a perfect how-to guide for anyone considering No Dig, as well as an insightful examination of the advantages for our soil and the time-saving benefits of the process when tackling weeds. ”

Listen to the podcast here or via your favourite podcast platform.

No Dig Gardener makes Abundant Kitchen Garden


Liz Zorab visited here in the summer of 2021 and made this video. She had the brilliant idea that it would be lovely for people to see summery gardens in the depths of winter.

Liz won Vlog of the Year 2022 at the prestigious Garden Media Guild Awards for her excellent You Tube channel.

From Lawn to No Dig Abundance in 5 months – You Tube video by Huw Richards

Filmed by Huw Richards in August 2021, when Stephanie had lived in Wales for five months. Watch the video here.

In this video of the series, we visit Stephanie Hafferty who has just moved to her new property and has set up her backyard kitchen garden in no time at all using no dig gardening methods. Stephanie has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience of no dig, and has managed numerous no dig gardens over her busy gardening career, not to mention she is also an author. Using minimal resources and pushing the limits with shallow layers of compost, it is amazing how quickly her lawn has turned into a thriving vegetable garden that is already yielding many harvests. I cannot wait to see how this garden matures over the next few growing seasons.

The Seed Pod – No Dig Gardening with Stephanie Hafferty


Hosted by Becky Searle and Richard Chivers. Listen to the podcast here.

Richard and Becky catch up with author and no dig gardener, Stephanie Hafferty to talk about  no dig gardening and gardening holistically for a healthier, greener garden. You can find more information about Stephanie and links to her books at




Plant Based Podcast – No Dig Gardening with Stephanie Hafferty

Hosted by  Ellen Mary and Michael Perry. Listen to the podcast here.

No dig guru Steph Hafferty digs the dirt on the no dig gardening method in this episode of the podcast. Find out how to start a no dig garden, the benefits and maintenance aspects of an age old method of gardening with the environment in mind. Afterwards @mrplantgeek and @ellenmarygardening chat neighbours and RHS Hyde Hall.


Show Garden co-designed by Stephanie Hafferty at RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival 2021

In 2021 Stephanie project managed and co-designed the RHS No Dig Allotment Demonstration Garden for the RHS at the Hampton Court Garden Festival. Stephanie and the garden were filmed for television – find out more here.

BBC Hampton Court Garden Festival Episode 1 with Arit Anderson (no longer available on iPlayer).

Adam Jones filmed a Welsh language programme from the garden with S4C – the programme with English subtitles is here.



Roots and All – Growing Food with Stephanie Hafferty

Hosted by Sarah Wilson, this was recorded when I lived in my previous home and garden, in Somerset.  Listen to the podcast here.

This week I’m chatting with Stephanie Hafferty. Amongst other things, Stephanie is a writer, speaker, long-time champion of No-Dig gardening, a food growing expert, a talented chef and she shares some brilliant tips with us this week. The knowledge comes thick and fast in this episode, so you may want to grab a pen and paper before you begin listening!

What We Discuss:

Avoiding bolting crops

The best way to pick leafy crops to prevent bolting

When to sow to stop bolting

Eat crops like rocket and mustard greens when they’ve flowered

Quick fillers for gaps

Gluts of crops

How can we avoid gluts

Preserving food

Deadheading and harvesting

Crops that people might think have gone past their best but are actually still usable


True fizzing joy in the Organic Gardening Podcast: Stephanie Hafferty on the organic home and garden

Recorded in early February 2020 for Garden Organic by Sarah Brown, during very wild and stormy weather, before the pandemic lockdowns and when Stephanie had no idea she’d soon be thinking about leaving Somerset. Listen to the podcast here. More information about the podcast on the Garden Organic website here.

Join writer and grower Stephanie Hafferty, as she explores ideas of how to use plants in the home and kitchen. Based on her book (co-written with Charles Dowding) The No Dig Organic Home and Garden, Steph reveals how to use every inch of the plant – from recipes to household cleaners – throughout the seasons. Ever made a fizzing toilet bomb? You’ll hear it here first….

Steph also hilariously reveals to Sarah that she first got growing as a teenager in order to make alcoholic wines.

“This is the most remarkable introduction to organic growing that I’ve heard…..”

And confesses that when she first heard about Dowding and No Dig, she thought it meant smoking wacky substances and just sitting watching your plot grow …..

Tune in to hear the whole story, via your usual podcast supplier – Apple podcasts, Spotify etc.. Search for The Organic Gardening Podcast, for true fizzing joy. Or was that the toilet bomb….


Stephanie Hafferty: No Dig Growing and Eating – with Richard Perkins

Filmed when I was staying with Richard Perkins and his family on their incredible no dig market garden Ridgedale Farm, in Sweden, in 2019. Watch the video here.




On the Grapevine for Kitchen Garden Magazine – Podcast & You Tube interview with Stephanie Hafferty

Hosted by Daniel Hughes. Listen on You Tube here. The podcast links are here.

Stephanie Hafferty is an award-winning author and no dig organic kitchen gardener who has lent her hand to some of the best kitchen gardens in the country. She has a strong social media presence and has written for many popular publications. In this podcast, Daniel Heighes interviews her as part of his On The Grapevine series for Kitchen Garden Magazine.


Lee Connelly – No Dig Gardening with Stephanie Hafferty

We did have fun recording this podcast in 2019, in the strangest of locations – a warehouse at the NEC Birmingham (with permission of course) where we were both attending BBC Gardeners’ World Live.

Hosted by Lee Connelly, aka The Skinny Jean Gardener.

Listen to the podcast here.


Fresh Leaf Forever – No Dig Gardening

Join Vai Kumar as she interviews Stephanie for her podcast Fresh Leaf Forever. Listen here.

For anyone passionate about gardening and growing their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, this is the episode.
Guest Stephanie Hafferty is an organic no dig kitchen gardener, plant based cook, award winning food & gardening writer, small scale homesteader .
She’s the author of 2 great books “No Dig organic gardening” and “Creative Kitchen”. In this episode, Steph talks about how one can start a garden, what vegetables to grow in the different seasons of the year, how to build a garden.

She also gives tips on building an ecosystem, warding off pests and rodents and discusses how one can take care of their garden against predators. How to invite predators to take care of other bugs and common garden issues one encounters. Steph talks about composting, natural manure and growing a pesticide free vegetable, flower and herb garden. Poly tunnel, green houses and idea of year round planting and being involved in gardening is something she highlights in this conversation with host Vai Kumar.


You Tube – Morag Gamble visits Homeacres from Australia and interviews Stephanie and Charles


Recorded in April 2019, it was fantastic to meet Morag Gamble (whose work Steph has been following for ages) and her family. Watch the You Tube video here.

I have had the enormous pleasure of visiting the famous English gardener and youtube sensation, Charles Dowding.

Together with his partner, the talented gardener and award-winning author and blogger, Steph Hafferty we walked and talked for ages sharing our passion for gardening and particularly discussing the no dig garden method. Thankfully Evan, my husband, was there too with the camera.

Charles and Steph are so generous with their insights – sharing as we tour around Homeacres – Charles’ bio-intensive, garden near Shepton Mallet in Somerset.  Grab a cuppa and a notebook, this hour long film is full of valuable advice when creating your own no dig garden, enjoy.

Steph and Charles have co-authored the award-winning book, ‘No dig Organic Home and Garden: Grow, Cook, Use & Store your Harvest.‘ published by the permaculture publishing house, Permanent Publications.

Steph Hafferty is a kitchen gardener who uses permaculture, no dig and organic methods. She is a plant-based cook, award winning author and blogger, food and gardening writer, small scale homesteader and mum of three. Her more recent book is The Creative Kitchen. Steph shared an amazing meal at the end of this walk-about which we all enjoyed so much we forgot to film – sorry, it was incredible!!

Gerrdi Cellan ar Gardeners’ World

A feature in Cymraeg (Welsh) here.