The Creative Kitchen


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The Creative Kitchen by Stephanie Hafferty

All of the recipes in this book are naturally plant based (vegan) using unprocessed seasonal ingredients

Packed full of economical plant based recipes, this book for everyone. Most of the ingredients can be homegrown in gardens and allotments and are also widely available in markets and shops. Learn how to create fantastic, delicious colourful meals year round with these clear and uncomplicated recipes.¬†All of the recipes happen to be vegan and are animal/dairy free. The ‘potions’ also use plant based oils and waxes.

In The Creative Kitchen I hope to inspire you to create seasonal meals and organic products for yourself, family, home and garden.

Over 180 recipes including how to make your own:
Main meals, sides, soups and salads
Store cupboard ingredients including flavoured salts, vinegars, essences
Drinks including herbal teas, cordials and liqueurs
Soaps, balms, cleansers, toothpastes, gifts and more!



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Dimensions 245 × 190 × 16 mm
The Creative Kitchen