Permaculture Magazine: How to use green manures in no dig gardens

Stephanie Hafferty with a basket of vegetables in her garden, on the cover of Permaculture Magazine

How To Use Green Manures in No Dig Gardening


My feature explaining which the many benefits of green manures, which to use, when and how to use them is in the latest edition of Permaculture Magazine, Issue 115 – out now. I am delighted to be featured on the cover too (photo credit Jason Ingram).

Misconceptions and Green Manures

There are many misconceptions about using green manures in no dig systems, including some national radio gardening presenters saying that it is not possible to do so!

phacelia green manure
phacelia green manure flowering

In this article I clear up many of the misconceptions that no dig and green manures can not work together, and explain how they can be used to boost fertility, soil health and save money too.

As well as my feature, in Permaculture Magazine Issue 115 award winning You Tuber Liz Zorab of Byther Farm writes about The Rhythm of the Gardening Year and how a seasonal approach to gardening has transformed her gardening and personal energy, making growing a lot less work.


Stephanie Hafferty with a basket of vegetables in her garden, on the cover of Permaculture Magazine

You can subscribe to Permaculture Magazine online, and choose either a print and digital subscription (so you receive a paper copy plus online access) or a digital subscription. For both, you receive digital access to the entire 30 years’ back catalogue of Permaculture Magazine, which is remarkably good value.

The mag is produced by the team at Permanent Publication, who have published my books No Dig Organic Home and Garden (over 30,000 copies sold!) and The Creative Kitchen (over 10,000 copies sold!)

Frugal options

Whilst the magazine is subscription only and not available for free, you may be able to read it for free at your local library or local permaculture or gardening community group. It is always worth asking because libraries will often subscribe to a publication if it is requested.

Green Manures and No Dig Gardening Courses

How to use green manures is one of the elements of the no dig gardening courses I am running at my half acre homestead in West Wales. Find out more information and how to book.

I am delighted that the first two days (March and April) have sold out. At the time of writing, spaces are still available on the June, July, August and September courses.

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