Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day 2020, a time for thinking about nature and our planet. No dig gardening is an earth inspired way of growing which protects the soil, soil life and environment. There’s been a phenomenal increase in interest in no dig gardening, which is fantastic!

My Vegepod and how to fill a large container garden for year round veggies

I grow a lot of veg, herbs and fruit in planters at home, to make a largish area of old concrete productive. In November Vegepod sent me* one of their large pods to try out. Here’s how I filled it with different composts to help create a richly diverse environment for the soil life that will enable the plants to thrive.

This works for any large container (smallish ones too!)

January veg harvest

The surprising abundance of January!

A recent discussion on Twitter about homegrown harvests in January, has inspired me to write a blog about all of the lovely homegrown veggies I am cooking in my kitchen.

January may be a long, dark cold month but there’s still a lot of homegrown deliciousness. With planning, and some growing space, you could be making some almost entirely homegrown meals next January too. Alternatively, these are the kind of veggies that will have the fewest food miles in shops and markets.