Podcast with Roots and All

Sarah Wilson from award winning Roots and All interviewed me recently for a podcast.

Listen to it here:   Growing Food with Stephanie Hafferty

It’s also available on iTunes and Android.

What We Discuss:

Avoiding bolting crops

The best way to pick leafy crops to prevent bolting

When to sow to stop bolting

Eat crops like rocket and mustard greens when they’ve flowered

Quick fillers for gaps

Gluts of crops

How can we avoid gluts

Preserving food

Deadheading and harvesting

Crops that people might think have gone past their best but are actually still usable

Sorry that the blogs have been sparse recently but it’s a busy time in the garden and I have been away in Wales – shall share photos and news from that trip soon. Also busy working on my new book, which will be published February 2021!


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