Just over a week ago Charles and I travelled to Ridgedale Farm in Sweden. Whilst we were there, Richard interviewed me about no dig gardening, food and my work, for his You Tube Channel
There’ll be a blog post about our visit soon. In the meantime here is the video.



  1. Thank you David. Best of luck with your allotment. I really need to come up with a better title for the new book than “Book” 🙂

  2. Enjoyed listening to the interview very much. What you said about you saying something and people not paying attention, if Charles says the exact same thing people do, that resonated so much with me. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go, and not just into the kitchen to make pretty salads. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing, really sad.

    1. Thanks Helle, glad you enjoyed the interview.

      Yes, it is universal sadly. Only yesterday I had someone advising me to look up how to build soil on You Tube, there is no way they’d have suggested that to Charles. Looking on the bright side though, there is such a great network of mutual support – men and women encouraging each other, which is brilliant 🙂

      The comments from that young market gardener were much more brutal, including some very powerful insults: on social media, so I have copies of what he said. Really shook me at the time, as online abuse can.

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