New courses at National Botanic Garden of Wales

I am teaching two no dig gardening and two wildlife gardening courses at the fantastic National Botanic Garden of Wales in March and April 2022.Places are funded and cost £20 which includes admission to the amazing botanical gardens. Places are limited for each course and must be booked via the Botanic Gardens website – I have linked to each course on the dates below.

Easy No Dig Gardening


on Friday March 11th 2022 and Saturday April 2nd 2022

Learn how to set up and maintain a productive, organic no dig garden for vegetables, fruit, trees, herbs and flowers whatever size plot; composting; extending the growing season, wildlife gardening, natural wildlife-friendly ways of managing pests, growing year round, reducing weeds and mulches.

The workshop includes practical demonstrations, slides and plenty of time for all of your questions.

Wildlife Gardening


on Thursday March 31st 2022 and Thursday May 12th 2022

Learn how to create and maintain a productive wildlife and planet-friendly garden, whatever size plot you have, to increase biodiversity and add colour and nature to your life. The workshop includes planting schemes, practical crafts for making wildlife habitats and the many benefits of rewilding part of where you live.

The Wildlife Gardening course for everyone includes practical demonstrations, slides and plenty of time for all of your questions



Bring your own refreshments and lunch, or buy from the fantastic Caffi Botanica in the gardens which offers a varied range of meals, snacks and beverages (including vegan and gluten free) made from as locally produced ingredients as possible, including some from the gardens.

My books


No Dig Organic Home and Garden and The Creative Kitchen will be for sale in the Garden Shop and I can sign/dedicate them for you.

Getting there


The botanic gardens are located near Camarthen in Camarthenshire, Wales – just off the M4 and the A48. The nearest station is in Camarthen 8 miles away – there is a limited bus service from the station, and usually plenty of taxis (their numbers are here). There is also a train station 10 miles away at Llandeilo.

For cyclists, the gardens are on the Camarthen-Llanelli loop on the National Cycle Network Route 47 (also known as the Celtic Trail).

Find out how to get there here.

These courses are funded


These courses are delivered as part of Growing The Future and are funded through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government., hence the bargain price of only £20.

10 thoughts on “New courses at National Botanic Garden of Wales”

  1. Wow! That is prestigious. Well done!

    And aren’t they lucky to have you teaching there? I’d hope they have a not-dig part to the gardens for you to show as well as all your lovely photographs of your new place. I’m so sorry I don’t live close enough to attend.

      1. I live in the N W Washington USA I would like to know more about plant based organic gardening. I saw the Video that you made and I follow Charles Dowding I have the latest book, No Dig Organic Home and Garden. I’m now 80 years young but gardening has been my Hobby for the past 40 years. So, just this past February I put down cardboard with compost partly out of my own and partly store bought. My zone 8b with 178 inches of rain a year, Sincerely, Joann

      2. Stephanie Hafferty

        Hello Joann – Thank you for your comment.

        I wrote this blog post a few years ago about veganic no dig gardening (which is the same as plant based)

        I don’t use entirely plant based mulches. Here in Wales for example I use local resources including sheep dags, the soiled bit of fleece which can not be used when the sheep are sheered and is otherwise burned. I am almost completely surrounded by sheep.

  2. If I lived nearer I would definitely be booking a place! Well done Stephanie, they must surely start a no dig garden with you!

    1. Stephanie Hafferty

      Thank you Rita. I hope to run some courses in other parts of the UK.

      It would be lovely to have a no dig garden there, we shall see

  3. This is great news. They are so lucky to have you there. Just had some of the wonderful squash soup from the recipe in your book Creative Kitchen. On a stormy day it was pure bilss.Best soup recipe ever!

  4. Just tried to book (for me & Reuben) Steph, to do one of these no-dig days and spend a few days in the camper in Wales, but thedates all seem to be unavailable. Perhaps you are all booked already?!

    1. Stephanie Hafferty

      I don’t know Shirley, it’s all organised by the botanic gardens. Will reply to your email, it’s just all been a bit full-on with deadlines 🙂

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