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I recently started a You Tube channel, which will include videos about setting up my new no dig garden here in Wales, grow your own tutorials, recipes, and collaborations with others.

I actually started posting a few weeks ago, but only told people about it yesterday! There are three videos so far and from now on I plan to post regularly, documenting setting up this new no dig garden and the homesteading skills I know, plus the new ones I am learning.

I have yet to learn how to edit videos (that will be a job for a less busy time) so the channel is not at all fancy, the videos will be very homespun and simple, mostly just me and my camera or phone on a tripod.

If you would like to follow my progress here at Ael Y Bryn on You Tube, then please do subscribe. The next video will be from the new polytunnel in my orchard.

Suggestions for videos that you would like to see are most welcome.


I have now learned to position the phone the right way round for You Tube 🙂

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