Podcast and an upcoming online gardening event!

I’m taking part in an online gardening question time (not the GQT!) on Thursday 10th, and was interviewed for a podcast last week, which is live now.

The link for the Kitchen Garden Magazine Podcast is here.

And on Thursday December 10th I am taking part in a Gardeners’ Question Time for the Vegan Organic Network, hosted by the fabulous Ellen Mary and alongside Aranya and Piers Warren.

All of the information, including the email address for any questions you wish to ask, is here.

5 thoughts on “Podcast and an upcoming online gardening event!”

  1. Great interview. I never knew about poisoning from rogue squashes – what an unpleasant surprise that would be. Glad to hear you’re writing another book. Happy moving.

  2. I enjoyed that podcast. Which brassicas would you reommend that would keep flowering for a long time. Or should they be serial plantings?

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