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I am thrilled to share the happy news that I will be featured  on BBC Gardeners’ World Winter Special on Friday 23rd December and on iPlayer etc after the broadcast.

Earlier in the year I received an email from the BBC asking whether I would be interested in appearing on Gardeners’ World. After doing a happy dance (honestly, I literally did – and then went outside and told the neighbouring sheep, who are extremely good at keeping secrets!) I replied that I would be delighted.

After many emails, zoom conversations and arrangements, the film crew came here in September and over two days filmed me and the garden. My feature in the programme is “a masterclass in growing food for a year-round harvest”.

I don’t want to give anything away before the programme is aired, but will write a blog post after the broadcast sharing my experience of that exciting time. I am used to public speaking – it is one of my main jobs – but being filmed for TV is a very different experience.

The BBC crew were fantastic. What a brilliant experience. And then we could tell no one until this week. (Ok, I did tell my Mum but she was sworn to secrecy.)

I hope you enjoy watching the programme. I don’t know what parts of the filming they have used for the programme so it will be a real treat and adventure watching it.

It will be on iPlayer for a whole year after broadcast so plenty of time to watch it if you’re out enjoying Christmas festivities on Friday night. My Dad who lives in Thailand, and won’t be watching it live because it’ll be around 4am there, says it is broadcast to other countries too – so hopefully my international readers will be able to see it as well.

For more information about the programme visit here.

8 thoughts on “Watch me on BBC Gardeners’ World”

  1. What a great introduction to your work. I will try some of your tips. I love the soft pink flowers with yellow centers behind you in some of the footage. What are they? Thank you!

    1. Stephanie Hafferty

      Thank you Karen, glad you enjoyed it.

      I’m away just now in Thailand, visiting my Dad, so can’t see the TV programme and don’t recall what the flowers are. I grow so many flowers 🙂

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