Discover the joys of winter gardening

On dark, chilly days it is very tempting to stay cosily indoors. Getting outside in wintertime is so good for your physical and mental health, even if it’s just for a short time. I hope you feel inspired to get outside!

In my guest blog for Dalefoot Composts, I share my top seasonal tips gardening tips, and why getting outside in winter is so beneficial. And there’s a recipe for a delicious spicy raw winter root vegetable salad. Read the blog here.

I’m a regular feature writer for the Dalefoot blog. Previous articles you may enjoy reading are Advice on Mulching and  How To Use No Dig In Your Garden.

There’s more seasonal advice in my latest You Tube video – Harvesting winter vegetables in December.

With snow and low temperatures forecast, now is a good time to make sure any tender plants are brought indoors, and veg that will be killed by frost harvested and brought inside. I am also harvesting enough roots and other winter-hardy crops to see us through the week, in case we can’t harvest them due to freezing temperatures!

On Instagram, I posted a reel today explaining some of the different ways I protect my soil during the winter, against wild weather and cold temperatures.

I’ll be posting an update from my homestead garden here at Ael Y Bryn this week, including these tips. Just need to get some other work finished first 🙂

There’s some snow forecast here, which is very exciting. I am hoping for enough snow to make things look pretty, but not so much that we are having to tunnel through snow drifts! There was no snow here last year (our first winter) so we are rather looking forward to it.

The Winter issue of Kitchen Garden Magazine (out now) features my article which highlights 10 thrifty, easy ways to grow organically this winter and beyond. 

That’s me on the cover!

4 thoughts on “Discover the joys of winter gardening”

  1. We get out at least twice a day to do my old retired mare and. And of course bring home the manure to share around my several compost bins.
    Looking forward to your course this spring. And your forthcoming book of course.
    Thanks for sharing all your tips and inspiring us to do more easily and economically.

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