I’m speaking at Chelsea Flower Show on the New Blue Peter Garden!

With Juliet Sargeant and Sheila Das on the Blue Peter Garden

I am delighted to have been invited by top designer Juliet Sargeant to speak about soil health and no dig gardening, on the Blue Peter Garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2022. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday – do come along for a chat about soil if you’re at the show!

The New Blue Peter Garden is the first re-design of this iconic garden for children in nearly fifty years, and it is brilliant that the importance of soil has been chosen as the theme. After Chelsea, the garden will be moved to RHS Bridgewater (where I was speaking a few weeks ago, with Becky Searle) to be a permanent exhibit so that everyone can enjoy it. Designed with children in mind, there’s a lot to discover on Juliet’s Blue Peter Garden.

Juliet’s passion for the soil is clear in her design. Read about a Fantastic Journey Through Soil here.



Soil is the key to the health of everything on our planet. It is the most diverse habitat we have. Did you know that there are more living things in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on the planet?

Soil sequesters carbon too, just like peat bogs and rainforests. One of the simplest things we can do to help keep carbon in the ground is to stop digging our gardens, because digging releases carbon into the air. Obviously there will be times when you need to dig, such as to make a hole to plant a tree, but adopting no dig ways of growing really helps the planet.

Everyone can vote for the Chelsea Flower Show Garden of their choice in the People’s Choice¬†, which closes on the 26th May at 7pm. I’m hoping the Blue Peter garden wins (of course!) but there are many fabulous gardens at the show. Vote here.

Appreciating that most people won’t be able to attend Chelsea, I’ll be hosting some soil health and no dig gardening Instagram Lives during June – when I am back in Wales. Find out more on my Instagram Account in June. I’ll make a video for my You Tube Channel discussing the top questions asked in June too.

Blue Peter Garden design


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  1. Richard Rogers

    Congratulations – the conservation of soil structures is so important and little understood by so many older gardeners. Teaching the kids who will inherit the soils is so important. Keep up the good work. Thank you

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