Events coming up this week!

Join me at the Virtual Garden Gathering for Garden Day, Sustainable(ish) Online Festival and GQT for the VON and Plantbased news – plus an Instagram takeover.

This week I should have been speaking every day at RHS Malvern, which sadly was cancelled for this year but you can still “enjoy the event” virtually via the RHS’ Virtual Malvern Festival.

Garden Day Party at Homeacres, 2018

Virtual Garden Gathering for Garden Day on Sunday May 10th

I’m so excited to be participating in this virtual garden gathering, sharing recipes for an entirely seasonal, homegrown, plantbased lunch at 1pm. The day also features Liz Earle MBE, Sophie Dahl and the lovely Mr Plant Geek – Michael Perry.

Make your own flower crown and join the virtual party, via this link or their Facebook page.

I’ve been participating in Garden Day since it began – any excuse to down tools, relax, enjoy my garden and have a party! In previous years we have had some lovely events with friends (last year I was at Toby’s Garden Festival) but of course this year we’re at home, so I am delighted to be virtually part of the  nationwide celebrations.

I’ll be spending the day with my children (students home from uni for the duration) because Charles and I can only see each other when I’m working at Homeacres due to lockdown.

I’ll be sharing all of the recipes on my blog tomorrow. Do join me in my kitchen at 1pm tomorrow.

For children, you can download and print fun masks by following this link. I’m definitely going to share these with my nieces!

There are lots of online tutorials for making your own flower crowns including for pets:

Pet flower crowns 

How to make flower crowns

My daughter Caitlin and I are going to make some later on today and we’ll post on my Instagram account .

For the Garden Day feast at Homeacres in 2018, I made this delicious chocolate cake.

Here’s the recipe for my Deeply Delicious Vegan Rhubarb and Chocolate Cake


Homeacres No Dig Market Garden, May 2020

No Dig Talk

Sustainablish  Online Festival, 11-15 May

My talk is on Tuesday May 12th at 10 am – watch all of the speakers during the festival here.

The Sustainablish Festival hosts a wide range of speakers covering a huge number of topics with a sustainable theme. All talks will be available to listen to online afterwards.

The provisional line up is:

Bee Bum and Phacelia

Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time

Tuesday 12 May 7pm

I’ll be joining Graham Burnett, Sarah Wilson, Tony Martin and Dan Graham for this entertaining and informative event. Full info here. 

This GQT is hosted by the Vegan Organic Network (I write for their magazine) and Plantbased News.

Join the event live on Facebook where you can ask questions, or email your questions to:

This is an inclusive and welcoming event, demonstrated by the fact that they have invited me to contribute and although mostly plantbased, I am not vegan.

Instagram takeover – more details to come when finalised!

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  1. You are stunning in your flower crown. Just beautiful. It must feel wonderful wearing such a crown.

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