Frosted kitchen garden at Roth Bar and Grill

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I took these photos at one of my work gardens last week during a few days of low temperatures. The kitchen garden is at Hauser and Wirth, Somerset and is made up of 10 large no dig raised beds (plus three new ones). All of the vegetables and herbs are used by the chefs in the restaurant there, Roth Bar and Grill.

The site includes a well known art gallery and a garden designed by Piet Oudolf. I think the vegetables are a beautiful, creative and of course edible form of art!

The sunflowers looked amazing right into November. This was their last week outside the gallery.


A few days later when I cut them down, the stems were still frozen so I had to use a small saw. Inside I found a beautiful winter ice sun!

I loved the consideration of the small artichoke, using its leaf to make a hat for its companion!

Radicchios always look amazing in the frost. They recover well from being frozen because they were a later planting and have not hearted up fully.


The chard looks flattened by the cold, but a few days later was strong and vibrant again. These chard will remain in the ground until they bolt in the spring.

The frost captured the delicate beauty of the edible flowers and herbs.

It was early in the day, so the only footprints in the frozen grass beside the beds were mine.


The Piet Oudolf garden was not yet open to visitors, so I took these photos leaning over the gate. It was shortly after 8 am.










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  1. got here through the ‘undug’ fb page .. what a delightfull post .. the photos are stunning .. especially the sunflower with waterfall leaves .. you work in a lovely garden .. so fun ..

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