Today I am updating the blog theme and carrying out various kinds of maintenance.
I am being hopeful that, fortified by copious cups of tea, I will be able to follow all of the instructions and all will be well by this evening. In the meantime, the blog may look rather strange and jumbled up – this will be why!

I have various gardening jobs planned to create welcome breaks from the computer, including more pricking out, watering the polytunnel and perhaps some planting, but that may well be a job for tomorrow as I could be trying to cram too much into one day!

The flower above looked so cheerful this morning in the cold… it’s just over 1˚C here at the moment.

Today’s work will include an updated page for my new book, The Creative Kitchen, with facilities for pre-ordering and buying signed copies from me. I have been blown away by the comments I have received so far from people who have read advanced copies and look forward to being able to share those.

Of course the best way to support an author to buy direct from them, but I totally understand that for many people, larger companies like Amazon are an option. I was rather stunned this morning to see that my book is 16,101 in all books there and it hasn’t even been released yet! Thank you so much 🙂

ps: we are hoping the actual publishing date will be a few weeks earlier than Nov 30th!

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 07.31.45



Written by Stephanie Hafferty

Organic no dig kitchen gardener, plant based cook, award winning author and writer. Loves growing, food, making potions, crafts.

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