A cornucopia of summer soft fruit … with recipes for homemade cassis and blackcurrant wine

Perennial fruit bushes play a key role in my garden, producing an abundance of delicious berries during summer months. These I preserve, to enjoy year round: jewel coloured jams, cordials, liqueurs, chutneys and other delicious additions to my homegrown larder.

You Tube No Dig Interview

On Monday 3rd July, I was interviewed by Jen Gale about my work, in particular about the ethical aspects of it. This was the first interview for her new series entitled “Meet the Changemaker”. All of these interviews will be uploaded so anyone can view for free onto Jen’s You Tube channel Jen Gale – Ethical Business Coach, 

I haven’t met Jen in real life yet, but have ‘known’ her for some time via her Facebook Groups (Make Do and Mend, #MakingGood) and her blog My Make Do and Mend Life   

Jen’s blog started when her family decided to spend a year buying nothing new and has developed into a supportive network of likeminded people and her new business. I’ve always enjoyed being resourceful and have found the blog and Facebook group full of inspiration for new ideas.

Online communities can be a great resource for sharing tips and mutual support in a non judgemental way – this is about doing what you can in the circumstances you are in yourself, not trying to be some kind of super-eco-person (although that is fine too!), something I feel very strongly about. Whatever you do, whether it is going off grid or making a couple of meals a week from mostly homegrown ingredients, or darning a hole in a jumper, is worthwhile.

These ideas of course fit closely with growing your own, gardeners are usually a very resourceful bunch, making what they need from what they have saved up ‘just in case’.

This interview was via an app on my phone, which I just propped up against my computer without thinking about how it might look, so the angle is rather strange!